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Midnight Express

An after-work appointment with Jaq for one of our semi-regular dinner catch-ups, this time the parents were even able to join us!  Jaq chose, as usual, and made the decision to go for Diane’s favourite - Midnight Express.  

The (veggie) moussaka was everything Diane had hyped it up to be, and did not disappoint.  Neither did the mezze platter, delicious breads and dips, chicken shish or seafood platter (Diane didn’t eat it all, just to be clear!)  

Yet another fantastic meal to add to the wonderful places we have been to eat in New Zealand, and terrific company to top it off.  Having Jaq there felt like part of the family, or having the parents there felt like part of the friendship group - either way conversation was relaxed and there was plenty of giggling throughout the evening!

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