Gull Choir

Had some business in Johnshaven this morning so took the opportunity of a few blips. Only two gulls in sight  -  all the gulls must have been out following the ploughs I think.  Worms tastier than fish perhaps!  The gulls were making a real noise   -  I think they were trying to be heard against the roar of the waves.  Or perhaps they were using the roar as a backing to their song!  I wish I'd had a recorder with me. The extra gull gives an idea of the height of the waves, and the ship extra is a good indication of what the weather was like  -  very cold and dull!
Here's some feedback on my little vacuum.  It is a bit plasticy, but it does the job perfectly.  Talk about globalisation though - it was made in China, imported by an Dutch firm in Amsterdam, and sold by a German firm in Halle in East Germany.   Arrived at the delivery firm in Birmingham, England, and has now come to rest in Scotland!

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