Women in action

Eleanor, my nephew's intended, Jude, my sister-in-law, and yours truly on the planks of wood. We were a bit late setting off on our walk - the walk I said I would prefer to ski on - so it got a bit dark in the end.

In fact, very very dark indeed. So dark in fact, that I wrong edged my ski, stopped dead and slid wildly with the other one. Ended up on my back and hit my head on the ground with a sickening sort of thwacking noise. I had a little lie down when I came in and am restored to full vigour now.

It's hard, skiing in the dark, without all the visual cues you usually rely on. Probably a metaphore for something or other.

I tobogganed down the massive long slope today. I don't like going fast really, but it was fine onthe slope of clean snow without trees. There are no visual clues to tell you how fast you are going.... That could well be another metaphore for something or other.

Some of our guests are heading home tomorrow, some stay another day. Good. Very nice to stagger the withdrawal.

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