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We've Done It Together!

Posted on Blip Central by the new Blipfoto site owners, Blipfuture CIC!

It’s the announcement you’ve been waiting so patiently for. We can today announce that all of the negotiations are complete, the papers are signed, and the deal is done. Blipfuture CIC are now the new owners of the Blipfoto site – which means you, the community, are the new owners. Congratulations!

We would like to say thank you to a few people for getting us to this point:

- To the (now) previous owners, in their very decent and respectful approach to the community and the negotiations – and for giving us all this opportunity;
- To the original founders, for creating such an amazing place. It’s a really special community – thank you for the original idea and commitment to seeing it continue;
- To the small collection of volunteers, who have been involved with Blipfuture from the outset and have helped us behind the scenes in getting to this point;
- And finally to all of you - the community: whether you’ve bought shares, donated, encouraged others, offered ideas and enthusiasm or simply kept blipping, you’re all key to the community. Thank you.

Remember, the crowdfunding campaign closes on the 1st March. You still have time to pledge to make a difference to what we all can do with Blipfoto. You can also donate via PayPal. More information can be found here.

We are planning something to celebrate the successful completion of the purchase of Blipfoto: look out for more news shortly.  We’ll also be in touch soon with more news about what you can expect to see with the site transition and roughly when. For now we will keep this short to give you time to celebrate!

Thank you, from a very happy Annie, Bob, Graham and Ian at Blipfoto.

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