long park big slide

The first time we were almost ready to leave he didn't want to put the rainsuit on. He confirmed that he realised this would mean not going to the big slide park, so extra layers were removed. The second time, a few minutes later, he wouldn't consider wearing boots, but I fished out bike seats and so on in case there was a chance to go somewhere later on, as Nicky and Edgar would be back from swimming quite soon. A short while later Amos rediscovered the rain suit at the bottom of the stairs and started waving it about and demanding to go, though still refused to wear the boots which don't leak and the hat which keeps his chin warm. The others returned, but confirmed nothing was happening to prevent us going out, so we eventually left and had an hour's damp shuffling about the completely deserted park before a combination of hunger and tiredness (and probably cold/damp feet/head) sent us wailing all the way home, whereupon he fell asleep for two hours lying on my chest before I'd had a chance to take my coat off.

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