Not quite Convinced (DS18)

I'm not entirely convinced this building is (or was) actually derelict, although without a roof it won't last long ....  It sits near the entrance to what was until last summer, a trout fishery, and is now part of a new housing development.  There is a clear need for extra housing, and not just here in Warwick,  but I can just imagine what will be happening with the local traffic and I'm so glad I don't travel to work at 'normal times'. 

Edit:  I know this is not brilliant compared to many other blippers, but, I've just had this message pop up ...
Congratulations! You've just earned the 50 in a row award!

In other news - Gill's laptop now has a new battery Woo Hoo!   We had to resort to drilling off one of the screw heads as there was so much locking compound on the threads, the slots just turned to mush.

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