RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography


Everyone wanted a photo of the Men's Second Division Champions after tonight's final match. That team was the one I play on, and this is shot as I stand with my teammates smiling for countless photos. We were the fourth seeded team (out of four that made the playoffs), but beat the number one seed last week and polished off the number three seed (who had ousted the number two team) in three hard fought games, winning the final 15 point contest by a score of 16-14. We normally play with only a couple of fans watching, so it was pretty nerve-racking to be playing in front of a couple hundred people (at least half a dozen who were women from the volleyball team I coach). Took us a little time to get over our initial nervousness, but we really started playing after the first game loss to take the next two and the championship.

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