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Birthday time

Feel totally spoiled today, firstly with my birthday song alarm through the tipi - Margie says she is not much of a singer, but I disagree.  Breakfast in Raglan was a vegetarian affaire, all freshly prepared with delicious ingredients, and lunch was also wholesome and fresh at Cafe Kohi.

I received a beautiful pair of earrings from a local shop and was even granted the birthday present of a family jog... Yes ALL four of us went out for a wee jog together and I would go as far as saying we all enjoyed it :)

Evening was spent enjoying an amazing Indian fusion meal at Cassia, before joining Heather and Kirk for a birthday ice cream.  Great way to spend the day, and the birthday song in the ice cream shop finished off the day nicely, even if it was a little embarrassing! 

Before I could finally get to bed I had 30 birthday balloons to contend with - each with a different message on it from Diane - she could only think of 30 reasons she loves me ;)

Also, lots of lovely birthday messages from friends and family across the globe - thank you all very much.  I feel very loved.

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