Cock Crow

After leaving Basil at the grooming parlour, I drove up to Lubcloud Farm on the flanks of Iveshead.

It was a gorgeous frosty morning. Fields were still white but the frost was thawing rapidly as the sun rose.

I'd heard that there were good snowdrops to be seen at the farm and had been hoping for a cup of tea, but the tea room is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and the snowdrops were past their best. They still look lovely in dappled light.

Lubcloud is an organic farm and keeps a range of unusual farmyard fowl. At least, unusual to me. Two very fine cockerels, including this fellow, who I managed to snap in mid crow. I liked the way his rich colours stood out against the background.

Ruby, a staffie, came out to greet me, followed in quick succession by Peggy, a noisy Jack Russell, and Teddy, who looked a bit like a Scottish terrier. Ruby and Peggy were wearing coats, which they would have needed in these temperatures. I'm not sure if they're farm dogs or house dogs. They looked well spruced. Peggy calmed down and couldn't have been more affectionate.

With half an hour to spare, I nipped back into the village for a plate of eggs and baked beans at Meet and Eat, before collecting the now smart Basil.

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