The red cliffs of Jedburgh.

This morning, at about eight o'clock, Swannie was woken up by a terrible stramash downstairs.  She got up and came down to see what was happening and was met by four innocent wee faces, but a few black feathers on the carpet gave her a bit of a clue.   After she had been looking for a while, Maly gave the game away.  He was sitting on the back of the sofa and as he poked his paw down behind it, there was a very uncatlike noise.

Upon further investigation, Swannie discovered a blackbird, upside down, stuck between the sofa and the wall, but still alive.  She extricated it from its predicament and put it outside the back door, where it shook itself then took off and flew away.

Swannie left early for work and had lunch with her friend Kay in Jedburgh, at a place called Border Meringues.  She didn't have a meringue, though, just a plate of homemade mushroom soup and a muckle slice of cheesecake!  She took this picture just behind where she parked the car.  It's an impressive sandstone cliff with the Jed Water in the foreground.

As for us cats, we were punished enough when Swannie got the vacuum cleaner out again, I hate that thing, I'm sure it's going to eat me!   Lots of love JJ. xx

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