Car went in to have its wheel alignment and tracking sorted out first thing this morning. The garage looked to be doing very good business. Heard the word 'potholes' several times while I was waiting to retrieve the car at lunchtime - hardly surprising, as some of Northumberland's roads are more pothole that tarmac at present.

Seemed to be a day for lighting fires - maybe because things seem to drying out after all the winter rain. As I approached Wooler on the way back from work, smoke from two farm bonfires drifted across from a distance, and horrible black smoke was pouring off a fire outside one of the local business. And they seemed to be burning off some of the heather on the lower slopes of the Cheviot as you can see from the Blip.

Even MrM had a go at burning something - the potatoes as he was cooking our evening meal! Not sure that the pan is salvageable - off to find out!

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