Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward

Sluice gates

AAARRGGHH!! Parsing error when I tried uploading and I lost all I’d written.
These are the sluice gates which used to divert water from the Little Colorado to a grist mill.
       After being unwell yesterday, hence no blip, I’ve had a really good day playing a few tunes, exercising the dogs and getting out with the camera.
       Kathy had a medical appointment in Show Low and I took Chloë and Kiki to run in the dog park where there were quite a few friendly dogs (and their humans) to play (and chat) with.  Kathy had a little bit of shopping to do then we went to lunch at her favourite restaurant over there and we were home again by 13:00.
       Here are few more snaps on Flickr.  The extra is what I found after turning over a piece of scrap metal.

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