Spring is in the offing - 2 years of blips!

Well, at least spring-winter, the fifth season is certainly underway. The smell from these newly felled trees was wonderful. The intensity of the cut ends against the snow, and the fabulous blue of the sky - we have no such colours in wintertime. The sun is higher, the colours come back to life and deepen.

We had a really lovely evening yesterday, eating slow cooked goat kid with friends, slept well and woke up feeling exhausted! So today has been an unusual one, with a lot of sitting about the place. Rice pudding for tea says it all, nursery food. Not that either of us ever saw the inside of a nursery when we were little. Comfort food perhaps.

The photo was taken when out on the kick-sledges. Proper walking felt like a bridge too far. And now for some TV and an early night!

2 years of blipping have gone quickly, given me focus and encouragement, found friends and like-minded blippers - and enriches my life no end. Thank you one and all.

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