By wellsforzoe

Pay Day, for Rose

26th February 2016:

Following a board meeting with heads of department I suddenly realised that it was pay-day and that there should be panic, but Rose doesn't do panic even when we had no electricity and no internet to do the calculations.
When you have 36 employees and over a million Kwachas to count. Taxes to calculate and collect for the MRA, and and and..... it should be panic.... but no panic
Rose needed over 1000, 1000 notes and so many 500's and so many 200's and so on.
I left her to the bank, went to the hardware, Road traffic about a new vehicle and collected soft drinks for Br Michaels party, picked up Rose with her trailer load of notes and headed for the farm. She counted and distributed, collected rents and took loan repayments, checked the siging-in book, got signatures and did explanations.
I collected 12 bags of cow manure, for the potting tubes, in this space and we whizzed back to collect eggs and rice for our challenged kids, in three markets, went back to the factory, brought Martha and Stanley to the maize mill, did a few lesser tasks and back to count for the gogo funds, day workers and petty cash.
The money worked out exactly after counting maybe 1200 notes by hand, putting names, amounts, deductions on envelopes,plan the most effective route, (Logistics?) and all this without eating, must make us the A- Team.
She managed all this with a smile on her face and a kind word for everyone.
And cycled home afterwards.
I think she would be employee of the year everywhere.

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