Life is like a river

By Gunnlaug

One of my favourite photos

This is one of my favourite photos, taken on my confirmation-day in April 1985.  
I love the way we are laughing, my friend Linda Björk and I, probably because of some teenage awkwardness or because we simply had an attack of the giggles.
I love the way we are dressed in dark suit and tie (I had removed my jacket and bow-tie), since both girls and boys were slaves to this fashion and all looked exactly the same.
I love the way my bedroom walls are covered in Duran Duran-posters and memorabilia.
I love the way my room is decorated in brown and beige and stripes, as opposed to 10 years earlier (see extra photo) when colours and patterns were more bold. I wonder if this decor was nightmare-inducing?
And I love the fact this photo is from my aunt's Disc film-Kodak camera which produced grainy and low quality photos with brown and purple-tinted colours. Those were the days...
During February I've decided to use this list of ideas in the hope I get back my "photo-mojo" and start posting daily again.

1. Your view today
2. Words
3. Hands
4. A stranger
5. 10 AM
6. Dinner
7. Button
8. Sun
9. Front door
10. Self portrait
11. Makes you happy
12. Inside your closet
13. Blue
14. Heart
15. Phone
16. Something new
17. Time
18. Drink
19. Something you hate to do
20. Handwriting
21. A fave photo of you
22. Where you work
23. Your shoes
24. Inside your bathroom cabinet
25. Green
26. Night
27. Something you ate
28. Money
29. Something you're listening to

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