All part of the story

By Treshnish

The Dragon Lady

As part of the service cuts, our local council have voted to remove school librarians and mobile library services. This will leave Mull residents of all ages without access to a library.  At the same time the Council claim to be working hard to attract young families to the area to counter the youth depopulation.   It would be farcical if it wasn't so desperate. 

To imagine that young families will choose to stay in or move to an area without a proper school library is ridiculous.   The island mobile library service is apparently one of the most used in Argyll and Bute - it is a lifeline for those living remotely.   It visits all the primary schools on the island and helps nurture their interest in reading and researching. The nearest public library is in Oban which puts it out of reach of regular school access, given that it would take them the whole school day to get there and back.  Perhaps they should confine their learning to Google searches. 

Sorry for the rant, but it feels like services to the island are being cut back and back, basic services that we used to take for granted as having an integral value to our society.  

Oh sorry, they aren't cutting back on everything. There will still be a budget for hanging baskets.  

I think I have blipped this buoy before.  We found it washed up on the shore years ago, and months later watching a TV programme with her Dad, M recognised the buoy as having the same handwritten name as the boat, registered on the east coast of USA called the Dragon Lady.   On the programme the skipper talked about losing a huge number of buoys in a storm!

We need lots of Dragon Ladies (and Men) to fight to have this flawed decision reversed. 

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