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By ValleyAllBlack

Busy Blacks

An epic day in the Black Mountains today with my best friend, Gareth.  It’s not often he can get out these days, having foolishly got married and had kids.  Lol!

First mistake was for me to park in the wrong car park, as we set off I had my doubts that we were on the wrong path and kept checking the map.  I soon spotted my mistake and we quickly planned our route to get back on track.  It was good practice for my navigation.

There were loads of people out, which was a bit disappointing as you always want the mountains to yourself.  But hey considering the good weather we were having, you can’t blame people for getting out and enjoying.

We made our way onto Twyn Talycefn and stopped for lunch, before making our way around the top of the valley onto Waun Fach, and then finally onto Pen y Gadair Fawr.  A great day with a great friend!


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