My life fragments 2020

By MrsLinda

Mono Monday MM110 - Leap

The most influential leap in my life was one of technological nature. In 2009 I met a Mahara granny Sigi (a lady about to retire at that time :-)) who introduced me to technology use, ePortfolio, smartphones, and most importantly into social media. It didn't take long before I joined various social media and was connected to many world inspirational and wired educators. I have been inspired, suprised, learning and creating ever since. This technology leap got me from using phone for communication to using phone for learning. I became an intensive self-learner, trainer, ePortfolio embassador and enthusiast. More than two years ago I came to know blipfoto, also thanks to one educator belonging to my Personal Learning Network. 

Eventhough technology occupies significant amount of my time I have never regreted the leap I made 7 years ago.

I can see today's blips already popping up. If you also decide to photograph any kind of LEAP, please tag it with MM110. I am looking forward to browsing your contributions and publishing my final selection, hopefully this Thursday. Thank you all.

This is also the end of MMC16 challenge, I actually don't feel any urge of getting back to colour but I may appreciate it more with upcoming spring. Big thanks to Skeena for inspiration.

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