All part of the story

By Treshnish

In like a ...


I was reminded several times today how very lucky we are to have good people around us.  

S was away doing a course.  And this morning one of the water pumps gave up the ghost leaving guests with no water.   However I got all the help I needed from those around me and within a few hours we had a new pump rewired and water flowing again.  

At one point, as I drove back to the farm, I stopped for a minute to catch the sun and blip the sheep waiting to be fed.  It was cold but the sun was coming over the hill.  It was quiet, not a breath of wind.  As I stood there I could hear the beautifully moving sounds of someone playing the pipes in the distance. It was our guest outside the cottage.  I enjoyed the moment and then went back to the pump problem. 

S arrived home to do the bit only he knows how to do, at the end, the bleeding of the pipes.   Problem solved.  (and the whole day gone).

Thank you to all those good people. 

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