By MCharMedia

British Bomber

So my dad has owned this beast of great beauty for almost 3 years now after being persuaded by me to leave his history of Porschers behind, and I can tell you now he does not regret it.

Cars are a big passion of mine and I'm so thankful to have grown un with them, my dads friend owns Ginetta racing and cars are in my blood, I hope to own one day my own car of a similar calibre, not to brag or show off but as something I enjoy, much like we buy camera gear for our experience rather than others. The growling V8 of this monster really does rattle your ribs and turbo charge your heart and these reactions have the side effects of a great wide grin, weather your into cars or not.

British super cars are amazing yet rare however I think we can all agree that Aston Martin and McLaren along side Jaguar make truly astounding automobiles

I have a film in mind which I'm going to try execute after my exams involving supercars which I shall keep you updated on because if I can pull it off it will provide truly astounding results for you all to enjoy.

Thanks For Viewing
Miles Charlesworth

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