Pat's Studio

Arvin and I went over to our friend Pat's house for lunch today. I took this photo while we were there and used the cutout filter on Photoshop to make it more like a painting itself. The painting on the easel is in progress. It is in the style of Matisse. I do love Pat's work and her wonderful home with a wide array of art pieces and paintings. Her studio in large is here.

Part of the reason we were at Pat's was so that I could give her some help with her camera and downloading photos. I sold my Panasonic G1 to her awhile ago so the lessons come with the camera. We had a great session together with Arvin along for the ride. It was fun and lunch was scrumptious.

We stopped at the post office on the way home to return the camera we bought for Arvin. Turns out the controls and menus are in tiny print and Arvin's eyes are not the best they could be so he was having real problems seeing what he needed to do to use the camera. So back it went to the seller. I ordered a different one for him that should be easier to use.

It is very muggy here. I think there is a thunder storm on its way, or at least I hope so. We don't do muggy very well. And it is really rare around here to have muggy days.

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