They call it Stormy Monday ...

... but Tuesday's just as bad, Wednesday is worst and Thursday oh so sad.

It has been pretty foul as Jake blew in. We had sleet, hail, thunder and lightning and may have been other things when I wasn't looking. I went up to Ideford Common on Haldon and had a walk down past where these trees look so forlorn against the stormy sky. There was some colour looking this way, the other direction was just grey.

Thank you all for your information and advice about your wellies. I shall go up to Mole Valley Farmers, who seem to stock a good range and I'll try some for size. For something like these that are likely to spend a lot of time and do a few miles, I'd prefer to feel them on my feet before I buy rather than buy on the net.

Thanks all for stars and hearts on yesterday's little river too. Rehearsing the band tonight so I'd better get my finger out.

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