3000 blips later...

Back in December I had my 8 year blip.  I didn't do a celebration picture at the time.  I was in the thick of fighting to save Blipfoto and I didn't feel like celebrating.  I knew that one way or another I would keep this journal, and that a celebration image would be a very bitter memory if Blipfoto died and I was looking at the journal elsewhere.

Today things are a bit different, and it feel safe to celebrate...

It's not a very elaborate celebration.  Just a balloon to go with my balloon on here.

I'm incredibly busy with work.  Blipfuture is still occupying a lot of time too - there's so much to do behind the scenes transferring ownership of everything, wrapping up the crowdfunding and putting in place the foundations for a sustainable future.

CyclopsJnr is a little under the weather again.  We thought it was probably Slap Cheek Syndrome (he had really red cheeks at the weekend) but we're now wondering if it might be Chicken Pox..  Anyway, that is adding sleepless nights and extra vomit cleaning duties to my day.

Oh, and we're having building work done so there's the extra distraction  of keeping an eye on that.

However, right now I have cake, a nice glass of cold orange squash, my boy sleeping upstairs, my wife just across the room (also with cake), and a nice warm feeling that comes from the fact there is still a blipfoto for me to post it on.

Life is blooming amazing isn't it?

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