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The end

Woken by worry.
Walked to the accountant’s.
Wondered when summer would arrive.


I’m posting this on 3 March 2016, exactly a year after the photograph was taken.

It wasn’t the best of days; once the Blipfoto board had met and appointed the liquidator, Graham and I returned to Blipcentral to tell the crew it was all over. A few minutes later, I found myself alone in a very empty office.

It was sad and difficult, but the twelve months since have been neither. I am happy, healthy and excited about many new things – and that the community has been able to take control of its own destiny is far from the worst of possible outcomes. My heartfelt congratulations both to those who led the charge and the community as a whole.

The Blipfoto journey was an unapologetic, unregrettable and unforgettable ride of a lifetime. I may one day write more about my experiences but, for now and for me, this is where the project ends.

Viva la Blipfoto!

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