La Forme Féminine

Tonight's workshop at Michael Lau Photo Academy was rather a departure from the norm for me, concentrating as it did on Fine Art Nude Photography.

I was the only female photographer. The model impressed me with her matter of fact approach. She appeared not be in the least embarrassed, which helped everyone. I still recall how, at the age of nine, I found black and white photographic magazines in the library and was both horrified and fascinated to find that they depicted naked women in artful poses. I didn't dare tell my mother.

The workshop concentrated on using the studio lights to reveal, emphasise and suggest the female form. 

I applied a 'Dreamy preset in Tonality for this shot which I like because it softens the image while still preserving the light and dark.

Michael had supplied gluten free biscuits for me and snacks for the chaps. I do like meeting up with all them all. Makes a welcome change from camera clubs.

The RPS East Midland region newsletter was circulated today, featuring my blipfoto entry of 21st February in full, including the text. I preened.

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