Public (in)convenience. It might open by Spring... this year.

Have been criticised in the past for making Inverness looking too attractive, or "nice"... despite plenty of Blips showing otherwise The reality is that various parts have gone down hill since that criticism was laid. Many substantially so. Unfortunate and daft for that to be allowed to happen, especially considering how many tourist come here, or pass through. 

The flood alleviation works, once finally completed, did make the affected parts of town better. It was just a very long time reaching the finished state, and they had the opposite effect prior to completion. With so much money heading that way for so long, perhaps other areas had to be neglected. If so, it shows. Austerity and cut-backs haven't helped. That said, there are still plenty of construction works going on around the place.

The above shabbiness is on the main tourist drag, up to the Castle. I sense a grim new series... or a return to previous ones.

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