Iris Reticulata

Well it seems I can upload this from the phone but not the computer so I'll have to sort that out now for yesterday's blip.

Been a very cold but sunny day so it was out to get stuff done outside. Tidying up and more planting. You would think it was going to take shape by now but really no. So much more to do. Luckily I might get some help from Mr AF as his shoulder was better after doing some ....... Forking the boggy grass and filling it with sand. I tried the brushing of the sand and it was hard work so that's a good test of his arm being better.

I wasn't in best form today cause of irritating things getting in the way. I've bitten my cheek twice and have an inflamed palate.... Annoying..... My nose keeps running..... Annoying .... The automatic focus on the camera has gone..... Annoying...... Can never find the right pair of glasses...... Annoying...... Can't hear Mr AF and he can't hear me as we are both going deaf and we always have radio or Tv on..... Annoying........ Finding things that are annoying......... Annoying

I'm off to bed but before I do I will have to sort the computer out and it means looking up stuff........ Grrrrrr

I feel better now

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