Master Mariner

By MasterMariner

Posh Resolve and Mafumeira Sul Topside

The module on the barge towed by the Posh Resolve, is the one the Hermod has to put on top of the previously installed jacket. We took over the barge from the Posh tug and brought her, together with the Bylgia, alongside on the stern of the Hermod. Hopefully the Hermod can lift it today, but I am convinced however, that because of Murphy's Law, it will be in the dark hours.

I don't know what POSH means in this particular shipsname, but i do know that posh is something of the old white passengersliners from long ago. They had no airconditioning on board and a ticket outward bound from Europe to the Far East was on the shadow side (Port Out) more expensive than on de tropical sunny starboard side. The same happenend homeward bound, portside was the expensive side. Together it reads: Port Out, Starboard Home, and it meant that you are willing to pay extra money for extra comfort.

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