8.2C some rain through the night then mostly dull. Light WSW breeze.

We had a delivery of new dining room chairs this morning. Before 9 am. All very efficient.

Maeve and I went for a walk after lunch. Radio Scotland on the Nano for a change. We went up to the church then continued out along the country road to Scryne. We turned right at Craigmill farm and went down the track to the shore road. The track was dry enough, despite the overnight rain. No sign of the farmer out working today.

We walked along the cycle path to Westhaven and went over the road bridge over the railway and down to the beach. The sea was calm. The tide was beginning to go out. There was a photographer with his camera set up on a tripod on the beach today. He had his camera pointed at the channel marker posts, but whether he was trying to capture them or the very small waves which were breaking on the shore I don't know. He didn't look round when Maeve and I walked past so I didn't ask.

We had a wander along the beach as far as the fishermen's huts then came back along East Row. We crossed back over the road bridge and carried on round in a loop heading into Carnoustie and up the main road before turning along for home.

E-PL5 f/8 1/400 sec. ISO-200 14mm

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