twinned with trumpton


A day out; a long, busy day out. School run done; then a twisting journey out west; Stenhouse, Murrayburn and back into Greater Gorgie (I use the term as a geographical term, not a way of bigging up the hell that is...)

Sunny gave way to drizzle and back again to cooler sunshine. (I had the car - school run needs an' all that)

I even managed a spot of Pro Celebrity blipping for Cigs (imindoors, no less) before resuming the afternoon toil (and school run)

I eventually wound up in the east end at 6, all done. Predictably a fraught one to end on (I knew it would be)

Then to hers for dinner; she's feeling flu like symptoms, so I gallantly agreed to cook - tuna with saute potatoes, spinach and a hazelnut / mustard / orange 'accompaniment'.

I cycled home in the newly started drizzle; home to sleep soundly.

I love this tiny corner of Murrayburn; I've blipped it before I think. All multi level areas, brick work, jaunty angles, some straight, some curved edges.

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