By hjarald

Wolwevershaven nr 6

Striking decorated with a rich stucco facade and decorated top.

The exact year is unknown, but dated approximately 1900. We do know its designed by Huibert Willem Veth who was, among others, the house architect of the " Association for the Improvement of Housing of the Laboring Class " ( 1863-1972 ). This association was one of the first associations for social housing in the Netherlands. The houses were intended for 'Wealthy Workers' and had a rent of about € 0.60 per week.

Veth also designed houses for wealthy citizens of Dordrecht, such as, this one; Wolwevershaven 6 in Dordrecht.

info: Newdelftblue by Hjar and Wiki

PS. Christilou spotted the similarity between this facade and the smaller Delft Blue KLM houses in the comments below. Thanks for making me aware!

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