At last, the sensation of Spring. Early morning fog melted away leaving bright sunshine and temperatures rather more acceptable than the last few weeks.

Just the day for photographing primroses at Kegworth Churchyard. Basil waited patiently in the damp grass while I set about it. The gravestone is unusual in that it is made of granite, or more likely, Mountsorrel Syenite.

Then to Dishley Grange to collect a key and its copy from Graham the Artist Blacksmith. The key belongs to a padlock in Tangier. It's not the kind of key that you can pick up from a locksmith. It had to be cast. Very grateful to Graham for his work. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Then to Oakley Grange Farm where all the animals seem to be producing young. Basil and I saw calves and cows in the barn and sows and piglets running in the field. The ewes still seem to be 'in waiting.' I pampered my weakness for the potato wedges and mayonnaise in the cafe. Basil and I have to sit outside. It could get a bit warmer, to be fair.

And finally to see Joy, who needed a bit of company. We're going to lunch on Monday.

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