I Fear For This Deer :(

Lots of Bliportunities today. I got some good shots of us towing one of our Kubota tractors out of the mire with the other. We used an old yacht sheet as a tow rope and I remembered how to tie a bowline. What a lovely knot that is, it holds fast but can be loosened with the flick of one's thumb.

I went on a walk in Epping Forest this afternoon led by a ranger and on the theme of Dick Turpin. I found it interesting that the forest was much more open three hundred years ago. It was a source of fuel and all the trees were regularly pollarded. We stood on Loughton Camp, which is a hundred metres above sea level and in those days one could see the Thames from there. We were shown a badger sett that has been occupied for a hundred years.

It was lovely to stride out on my own afterwards at Lodge Farm. I have posted photographs of the deer very similar to the one above a few times and was going to go for something else until I spotted what looks like a bloody, grapefruit-sized growth on the back leg of one on the right. It wasn't limping. I do hope the deer recovers.     


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