By cracker

8 years old today!

Today is Spencer's 8th birthday! We have had a big day! Tommy and Emily had a sleep over last night then grandpa made scrambled eggs with bacon this morning for breakfast, we then picked up Nathan, a friend from school and all went out to Inflatable World.

We came back home for a swim in the pool and lunch (party pies, sausage rolls, fairy bread and cocktail frankfurts!) then I got the six kids to play a Lego challenge game where I put a whole heap of random pieces of Lego in the middle of the table then gave them a category of something to build in 5 minutes! It wasn't a competition because there were no winners, they each just got to tell everyone else what they had built! They loved it!

The boys then got to play mine craft on their iPads for a little bit before everyone went home at 4!

We met Deb and her family out for dinner at Montezumas, a Mexican restaurant then had Baskin and Robbins ice cream for dessert!!

It was a great day!!

Here is Spence in some of his new clothes!! He was pretty happy about all the presents he got!

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