Knitted Snowdrops

Well I thought they were a novelty so instead of blipping real snowdrops today to symbolise the victims of the tragic events here 20 years ago. I'm sure most of you will know about this, if not you may want to read here

The knitted snowdrops were donated to the The Dunblane Center.
Following the tragic shooting at Dunblane Primary School in 1996, many people from around the world sent money along with their condolences. Whilst much of that money was distributed to families directly affected, some was designated by the donors to help the community as a whole. The money was originally collected and managed by the Primary School, The Dunblane Fund and The Stirling Observer Help Fund. Since then the remaining funds have been managed by the Dunblane Community Trust, which has educational and support aims for young people.
I popped down to see my blipping friend Stewart who gives a lot of his time and considerable expertise to the various needs and developments of the Center. What energy the man must have as he does this on top of full time job. We sampled a coffee from the coffee machine and had a chat about blipping this or that and I planted some snowdrops for display out side of the center on this day when those children lost would have been 25.

Would this have happened if our gun laws at the time had been more stringent?
Perhaps not. But we have learned from this, unlike in the US of A where I think it will now be impossible to control and already, with guns in the wrong hands, especially in the hands of teenagers where hormones are raging anything could happen and has happened.

Anyway I'm no journalist so I will not labour the point or postulate any other theories. I shall instead tell you how I heard the news. I was on the balcony floor of Glasgow school of Art mixing up some paint for one of my masterpieces (ha ha take that as a joke) when I heard the guys (I think it was Henry and Ian) on the downstairs floor saying something about a shooting.  I dont think I even paid much attention at first but then I heard Dunblane and the penny dropped. Our children, Lindsay and Douglas were by this time ensconced in University so from that point I had nothing to fear. When I got back home the town was heaving with journalists and camera crews. As I'm a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to this type of thing it took a long long time for the actuality of it to sink in. Even now I can hardly believe such a thing could happen although I did think at the time that these things happen in the most unlikely of places.

Getting back to more cheerful matters. We enjoyed a great get together at a St Patrick's evening, basically an excuse for a party with our local cronies............we call us "the mafia" Wonder who made that up. I think it was Donaldo. Anyway I was most abstemious on the red wine but Mr AF blew it big time. I was going to wait till today to give him hell but I even called that off. He is not even suffering and is back to cooking the dinner. He did watch a lot of sport today though so so so so...................... let it be a lesson to him........................ 

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