... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Egyptian Goosle

More classical a pose in large.
Back blip

I had an Egyptian-themed weekend in London: I visited the Goosles twice, and saw Philip Glass's Akhnaten at the Coliseum. The opera was absolutely spectacular: it was an extraordinary experience, and I was hypnotised from start to finish. It is a day later, and I'm still getting shivers when I think about it...

ANYWAY, that was ace, but it was also lovely to see the local Egyptians: Mrs. is sitting on a nest in the tree on the island, so I only saw her head from a distance, but Mr. was on good form, although his guard duties made him seem slightly distracted and aloof when I first visited.

Other pictures from my first visit are on Flickr (right from here).
Mr. preening and reflecting
Mr. up close
Coot: glossy plumage
Pretty (pale) pigeon up close
Mr. scratching his head

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