By GracieG

Tiny Tuesday - Love Hearts

Included in my Valentine's bouquet was a tiny tube of 'Love Hearts', which I remember from my childhood. 
Love Hearts are made by the confectionary Manufacturer Swizzels Matlow Ltd. There were originally two companies, Matlow Brothers, founded in 1928 and Swizzels Ltd., founded in 1933.
Love Hearts first rolled off the production line in September 1954. The story goes that the then company directors, Alfred Matlow and David Dee, met up to discuss new product lines. The morning after, ‘Love Hearts’ were the words on everyone’s lips.
Swizzels Matlow regularly gave away free packets of Love Hearts attached to the front page of the popular children’s comics Beano and Dandy.  (I was a 'Dandy' girl myself)!
Love Hearts are exported internationally. They have also been translated into different languages including French and German.
On June 14th 1991, Princess Diana visited the factory. It was the first official visit to the Borough of High Peak by a member of the Royal Family. Swizzels Matlow produced a limited edition version of its Love Hearts product to commemorate her visit.
A sculpture of a Love Heart was placed in the Millennium Dome as it was chosen as an icon of the 20th Century.
My 'dream boy' helped me out by eating them!

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