Occasionally Focused

By tsuken


Up at about 5:30 this morning. Dark dark dark. Waited till 6, still no sign of light, so out in the dark I went to train. Turns out there was enough light to see my fists and feet by, so it was ok. ;)

Later on, I pulled out three quarters of the irrigation in our front garden, which consisted of rather-tall vertical sprinkler things, on a network of hoses throughout the garden. They tended to fall or lean over, directing less water than ideal at the bits of the garden beds we wanted - and a hell of a lot over the paths. So I bought a bunch of drip hose and some tap thingies to keep the pressure down. Much better - aesthetically and efficiently.

While doing so, I got stung. On the cheek. High on the cheek. Mighty close to the eye. By a dirty great mutha-trucking wasp. Shithead. Felt like I'd been clobbered on the cheekbone with a brick.

This isn't that. This is an orb weaving spider. Big sucker, though not the biggest I've seen - or walked into face-first (yeccchhh).

I took this near to MFD (2.2 metres, would you believe??), using live view. I took another couple through the view-finder, and something I found rather interesting was how much brighter (better) the exposure was with live view.

Bettr; Flickr.

Kimunor preset135/3.5@4;K30.

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