Mono Monday: The Big Picture

On a clear day… can see forever.... 

This was taken from the Arlington House in Arlington Cemetery which probably has the best view in all  of Washington, DC.   In the foreground is JFK’s grave surrounded by flowering trees.   The wide road leads to the Memorial Bridge with the Lincoln Memorial at the end of the bridge.  If you move your eyes to the right, you will see a tower between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument (the tall obelisk).  That is the Old Post Office Building which is soon to be a Trump Hotel (can’t escape him).  To the right of the Washington Monument is the capitol dome which is currently covered in scaffolding.  The dark dome that just peeks up above the horizon to the right of the capitol is the Library of Congress.  The white domed building at the far right of the image is the Jefferson Memorial.  Also included in this big picture are a number of well known buildings that are less easy to pick out but include several of the Smithsonian Museums, the National Gallery of Art, the Holocaust Museum and the new African American Museum.  It is probably best viewed in large.  Have uploaded the color version in the extras. 

There’s a lot going on here today.  The town is full of school groups and tourists to see the cherry blossoms which are expected to be in full bloom on Thursday and Friday.  In addition, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in town to speak to AIPAC and Trump is also supposed to meet with Republican Party leaders.  Would love to be a fly on the wall there.  

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