Huxter Horizontal Water Mills

A trip into the unknown of the western parts of the Shetland Mainland brought us at length to Sandness and the township of Huxter, home of the horizontal water mills of Norse origin, which were once common but are - in the state they are in - unique in the British Isles (they can still be found in Scandinavia). Behind, you can see Papa Stour in the distance.

Today started off rather misty and quite rainy as we drove north through Tingwall, home of the Shetland Norse parliament (just like Thingvellir in Iceland which I visited last August), but has turned out pretty bright in the end. I had my coat on today for the first time, but in the end it was barely needed. A hat, mind you, might have been good for the sneaky wind.

An interesting day seeing some more 'off the beaten track' sights.

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