Live it loud!

By Lostpixel

New toy

I let slip to my eldest son that there was a computer fair in Coventry yesterday. Of course it was then necessary that he went along to look around. The upside is he found something for me - a brand new 28" 4k monitor at well below the usual sale price - too much to resist!!!

Anyway, I picked him up on the way home from work along with said monitor, and, after just a short while setting up and calibrating, we're in business.

Amazingly, as my MB is a 2012 version, I wasn't expecting to be able to get full 4k resolution, but, at 30fps, it does 4k resolution! Result! The only problem is, it will have to live in his usually vacant bedroom. A small price to pay.

So - here's to some proper editing on a decent screen - Wahey!

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