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Maps (Friday 18th March 2016)

Because I use a sat-nav when I am driving alone it has been sometimes assumed by some that I must have no actual map-reading experience or skill. I hope this demonstrates that this is not the case!

This isn't as pin sharp as I would have liked, but it was taken in a dark lobby without flash.

22.3.2016 (1239 hr)

Blip #1785 (#2035 including archived blips)
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #2185
LOTD #1019 (#1143 including archived blips)

Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 (RAW)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps (2003)
Incredible that this is thirteen years old!

One year ago:
Bowood 2015 #10

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