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More goodbyes

Another excuse to go out for lunch - the final team lunch with my work. It was really lovely that so many people came along, great to get a final catch up with them all, and for Diane to get to see them again too. Yet more fabulous people who we have met out here, and hopefully we will see again someday - either in Europe or when we come back to visit :)

A long exhausting afternoon of yet more life admin before a lovely dinner with Jaime in Tanuki's Cave - we haven't been there in ages so it was great to squeeze it in one last time!

After dinner entertainment came in the form on Romeo and Juliet at the pop up Globe Theatre - a replica of the original in Englandshire. We were in the cheap seats... actually, we were so cheap that there were no seats! The production was really well done, easy to follow, good acting and the right amount of humour throughout so it made for an enjoyable evening! Maybe a little too long for our poor little feet, getting too old! Another late night before yet another early morning!

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