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At long last!

Two catch-ups today which have been long overdue! The first, with John and Chris was rescheduled from 2 years prior - it really made us feel sad our weekends have been too busy to meet up with them before now! Great company, we will miss these two.

We spent the afternoon with Petra and her family, finally getting to meet them and see where she lives. We enjoyed a delicious home cooked meal (including Diane's favourite - lasagne!) before a wee toddle to the beach and the ferry back to Auckland.

We also FINALLY completed the last remaining Escape room with Heather and Kirk! It was perfectly fitting that we squeezed it in before we left, as we did the first one just after they arrived! We improved our time from last time and had less clues (they are completely different) but felt we could have done better, we were all a bit tired from busy weekends.

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