Cheerio New Zealand

Our final day with Leo, our trusty companion.  Well, he was trusty until last night...! This morning, I took Leo to the garage to get his wee ticker looked at.  It turns out his battery needed replacing.  We didn't want to sell Heather a dud so we did the good-cousin thing of replacing it.  While I waited the hour for it to be fitted I ventured out for a coffee and there were a series of unfortunate events...  (feel free to stop reading now)

I realised my phone was off and being converted from my old contract to pay-as-you-go.  So I went to a phone box to call DC and explain, only to get my debit card (and only payment method) stuck in the phone. The emergency faults line informed me that a technician would come to retrieve the card, but it could take a few days and the card would be sent to my bank.  I was without transport, without payment method and without any form of communication.  I asked if I could make a call, only to be told I couldn't be put through to another pay-as-you-go mobile.  Instead, I had to relay a message to Diane via the Advisor, but as in all good games of chinese whispers the message was muddled.

As I waited patiently for the mis-informed Diane to come and meet me, I went to the nearby petrol station and asked if they had any tweezers/pliers which I could borrow.  The wire cutters which they gave me proved completely ineffective and when I enquired of the pliers being sold behind the counter I was told I could only use them if I purchased them - a vicious circle.

In a miraculous turn of events, my phone came back to life, and perhaps more impressive, I was able to recite from memory the 16 digit number and security digits from the card stuck in a phone box meters away from me.  Having an active phone, I regained my sanity and resumed my day.

Our departure was not until very early (1am) the next day, so we had enough time to meet up with Jaq and Jaime for dinner at Elliott Street stables.  Another fabulous meal, followed by a delicious dessert with Heather and Kirk too! 

Sad to be saying our final goodbyes, but so happy to have had such wonderful memories of our time here in New Zealand.  It has truly been an amazing 2 years, we have done a lot of incredible things, seen some amazing places, met lots of wonderful people, had interesting and challenging work, and we will miss our life here a lot!  

So long and thanks for all the fish.

Until next time...

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