No barrier to a cat

Having decided to take the cats for another walk I set off, Rosie close behind. Susie wouldn't come and remained, a lonely figure, sitting up on the drive. Only a lot of calling and whistling persuaded her to join us.

They followed me a little further than I'd gone with Rosie last time but as we approached a corner in the path we met a gentleman with a Scottie dog. I stopped to chat and the cats disappeared. When I continued they climbed down from the bank up which they'd climbed and we turned for home. 

Once back on the road they climbed on to the barrier and posed beautifully until a car came along, whereupon they jumped down and disappeared into the undergrowth. Once the noise had faded out they came and we went across the road, up the drive and home.

So Susie has most definitely joined Rosie in being awarded her Streetwise Certificate!

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