Flamingos and sands

Today we started our day visiting the Parque natural del Hondo. We managed the wooden rails just fine, but the trouble begun as we started the dirt roads. As it has rained more or less the path was muddy - goo muddy. Each of us grew inches very soon. So did dogs. So we had other choice but to turn around and cut our walk short.

After cleaning most mud out of our shoes we headed to the El Pinet beach in La Marina. Took a slow walk around there.

Rest of the day we spent by the pool relaxing in the sun. I also trimmed Nelson's and Buddha's fur. Amadeus' turn will be tomorrow or Friday. My back just could take one more dog trimming today.

Rest of the gang is playing cards and I'm watching Murder she wrote and writing my journal. Also trying to decide what we want to do tomorrow as it's the sister-in-laws last day to spend here. 

More pics in Insta.

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