By MissU2

Blip #365: Double celebration blip!

It's a very, very special day today - this is our 365th blip. In itself that's indeed very well worth celebrating. We've had such a brilliant year here on blip! Blipping has added something really special to our life:

First and above all: Being part of a very nice and friendly community!
But also: Learning more about digital photography, Opening our eyes to an incredible world of blipping opportunities beyond all imagination, Learning more about various aspects of life on Earth: plants, people, traditions etc. And lots more!

Thanks to you all, and a very, very, special thanks to the team behind the machinery!

The second reason for celebration is that this morning M received a letter from the Swedish Board of Migration containing proof of their approval of his application for Swedish citizenship.

We're really gonna enjoy our double celebration tonight! Hugs to you all!


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