Flower Friday: Cherry Blossoms

It was a glorious afternoon at the Tidal Basin, although a lot more crowded than yesterday morning.  It is Good Friday so many were off from work and the place was mobbed.  I met my husband downtown for lunch and then we headed over to the Tidal Basin as he had not had a chance to see the blossoms yet.  It had rained a little overnight and it was quite windy, so already the blossoms were starting to fall from the trees.  Since it is Flower Friday, it seemed that I should post an image of the blossoms.  

My roommate from college and her husband were passing through town today, so we met them for dinner and had a good catch-up.  Looking forward to Number Four son’s arrival home tomorrow morning.  

Many thanks to all of you for the hearts and stars for yesterday’s blip of the blossoms and Jefferson Memorial at sunrise and a big thank you to Biker Bear for hosting Flower Friday.  

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