By hjarald

Broeker Veiling

The Broeker Veiling was the first auction in the Netherlands where horticultural products were sold at auction.

The auction began on July 29, 1887 at the Baker Bridge to Broek op Langedijk outdoors. The current auction wooden building was built in 1912. Because the building is on stilts were the gardeners with their barges laden with vegetables, sailing through the auction room. It was also called a sail-through auction. Here is a historic auction clock. In 1922 the building was expanded with a berth hall so that the products are not to bright sun, rain and other weather conditions were exposed. In 1925 a second berth hall was built.

The Broeker Veiling is like auction no longer in service since 1973. It is now a museum where gardeners tools and -vletten be exhibited. Also regular auctions are held with growers boats, so you can see how it used went growers there showed their auctioning cabage.

Text: wikipedia and google translate

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